America, Part 1: The Civil War, Shiloh, & A Crossdresser

Over 150 years ago there was a war. With each hard fact, or myth, of this war, I've been lassoed in by its battlefields, generals, soldiers, and reason for fighting. It's as if it has beckoned me to come closer, to seek, to listen. The landscape and every individual of this era has a tale that needs to be told - that still grabs at open ears to be heard, to be understood, and never to be forgotten. One such story has ruffled my feathers; the life story of Lieutenant Harry Buford. Her real name, yes, her, real name is Loreta Janeta Velázquez, a crossdresser. It's The Civil War, Battle of Shiloh, Hardin County, Tennessee, the year, 1862.

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